Work boots are much more comfortable with foot insoles.

http://www.footdoctorsorthotics.comThe most difficult part of being a construction worker isn’t the actual work itself, but instead is having to walk around in work boots all day. Whoever first designed work boots did a great job ensuring that the foot would be protected from falling objects, but they didn’t do a very good job of trying to make them comfortable. Work boots can be excruciating to wear, especially when they haven’t been broken in. Sure, the work boots being sold today are more comfortable than those sold a century ago, but not by much. After 40-plus hours of walking around in them, most workers are ready to put them on the shelf until Monday morning rolls around again.

If you work a job where you’re either required or encouraged to wear work boots all day, you’ve got to invest some money in a pair of foot insoles. Foot insoles are those products you’ve probably seen here and there that fit into the bottom of your shoes to provide added support to your feet. They can be made of rubber or some other type of composite material, and their purpose is to make your feet more comfortable. When you insert them into your work boots, you’re no longer walking around on hard surfaces banging your feet against the bottom of your boot, but instead your foot is snug up against the rubber insole. This provides added support, takes pressure off of your feet, and even helps you to walk with better posture, the latter of which is good for your entire body.

One of the great things about the orthotic insoles being sold today is that they can be crafted to match your foot and your foot alone. You can either walk into a store or receive a kit from an online store, make an imprint of your foot, describe any pain that you might be experience, and viola, a pair of custom-made orthotic insoles is yours. They’ll be crafted to match the way your foot works when you walk and stand, and thus they’re able to provide support in certain areas, relieve pressure in others, and provide comfort throughout. This is critical, because not everyone’s foot is the same. Some people have flat feet and they need an insole that adds an arch to their foot, while other people have too much arch and they need an insole that better distributes their bodyweight across their entire foot. Put simply, everybody is unique, so everybody needs a unique insole.

Fortunately, there are companies like FootDoctors Orthotics that specialize in creating custom foot molds for each of their customers. They’ll take a perfect imprint of their customers’ feet, and then they’ll use that imprint and a computer system to create a custom insole that perfectly matches how that person’s feet work. This means that everyone who shops with them ends up with an insole that was perfectly made to improve comfort and optimize pressure and strain not only on the person’s feet, but throughout their entire body.