The most obvious reason for the huge amount of business that is being done in the commercial roofing industry is of course the high performance of the economy during the last two years. In fact, almost all major areas of industry have seen either a slight or major incline within the last year, with predictions looking even better for 2018. There are also some less readily apparent cause for the good fortune of the roofing industry which require a slightly deeper analysis. Using information gathered from major roofing agencies such as www.campbellbeardroofing.com, we have created a review of some of the underlining factors for the roofing industry’s success right now.

The first hidden cause behind the boom in commercial roofing is the giant number of residential roofing jobs for homes being built this year. The residential roofing industry is reliant on the commercial roofing industry when it comes to the mass fabrication of roofs for new homes.  The undertaking of construction of new homes has reached a new watermark this last year with a record breaking number of contracts for new homes to be built during the next five years. In California alone, there were almost a quarter million new commercial roofing contracts signed by hundreds of different roofing companies. The numbers are even more impressive when one takes into consideration the fact that there are also a large number of new homes that are being planned for construction that have not even been made public yet. By some estimates, nearly 10% of all new homes that will be built in the next year have not been announced yet. This massive surge in new homes has commercial roofers up to their noises in work, with many large roofing contractors hiring new workers as fast as they can in an attempt to keep up with the steady flow of new work which is arriving by the day.

Another reason for the strong roofing industry right now can be found in the low cost of common roofing materials. The government has just taken a number of concrete ingredients off the list of restricted sales in this country, some of which have not been sold domestically for almost three decades. The reason why so many basic roofing ingredients were under restriction was because of laws passed during the 80’s which were aimed at boosting domestic production of local roofing material production. Unfortunately, the affect had very little impact on local manufacturing of roofing materials, but it did cause the quality of many roofing products to drop down considerably. In the short span of a decade, the US went from one of the leading roofing materials producers in the world, to a country which only supplied around half of its own domestic roofing supplies. Now that the restrictions have been lifted on certain roofing materials, the market is once again booming. The sale of roofing materials to foreign nations is at a ten year high, and the word is out that US roofing companies are back at the top of the industry once again.