Using Shades of White in Window Treatments Here’s What You Need to Know

Michael Scott may think that “white and eggshell white are exactly the same color.” But like many other things, he was speaking without personal experience.

With The Office discussions aside, any shade of white is indeed different than the other. The slightest tint of another color could affect the perception of what a pure white shade looks like on your walls, furniture, or on your window treatmentsCustom Window Coverings

Working with shades of white is difficult when it comes to wall paint and furniture – mainly due to choices and maintenance. But it is perhaps the most trickiest when you work with shades of white in window treatments.


Things to Keep in Mind While Working with Shades of White

To start with your white window treatments, you first of all need to make sure that you have good reason to select the color and bring it home for your window coverings.

Keep the Room’s Décor in Mind

It goes without saying that white window coverings such as window blinds, window shades or window shutters look good only when the rest of the room matches that aesthetic.

If your room has darker colors in terms of its windows and walls, then white window treatments could still work wonders. But if it also uses darker upholstery in terms of furniture, then white colored drapery would look out of place.

For rooms that are done completely in shades of white in terms of the floor, the walls, and the furniture – the whole nine yards, white window coverings could work very well. It provides uniformity to the overall aesthetic and allows the different shades of white to complement each other.

Use Sheers to Your Advantage

While working with shades of white, it is necessary that you use sheers to your advantage. Available in a wide variety of window treatments such as window blinds and window shades, sheers can elevate your window covering materials like no other.

They cover the sun just the right amount so you could be protected with the glare and the heat. But they still provide you with plenty of light during the day even while the coverings on.

Make Use of Lace in Different Variations

Using lace to your advantage is never a more apt choice than when you are using the fabric in white. With a variety of designs and cuts at your disposal with custom window coverings, you can ensure to find a perfect fit for your windows.

Since lace doesn’t keep the sunlight out that much, make sure that you are having a backup for that purpose. You can find that in window blinds or window shades that could be retracted at will.

Utilize Plantation Shutters

When it comes to different shades of white, window shutters get the distinction of being one of the most popular window treatments. Plantation shutters stand out in this regard due to their versatility.

If you are a fan of shutters and adding some wood to your windows doesn’t seem like a bad idea, then plantation shutters would be a great choice for you.

Since most white window treatments look like the other, looking for a perfect fit could seem like a daunting task. But making sure that you visit the right place to do that could turn that into a walk in the park.


Find White Window Treatments With House of Blinds

At House of Blinds, you can find a largesse of white window treatments that are created with the mind of serving different décor profiles. From custom window coverings to window shades and blinds, you are bound to find something that strikes a chord with you.

Whether you have your mind set on a specific kind of window covering or if you simply want to find more options, don’t hesitate from reaching out to House of Blinds today.