Three reasons why so many people are choosing concrete resin flooring.

https://www.concrete-finishers.comYou don’t have to be overly astute to have realized that concrete resin flooring is quite popular these days. A slew of businesses, from restaurants to box stores, are using this type of flooring. That’s because it not only looks great and nothing like concrete, but it’s also because of how incredibly durable it is. When a company installs this type of flooring in their business, they do so knowing that they’re not going to have to replace it for an incredibly long time, if ever. In fact, even many homeowners are starting to install this type of flooring. That’s because the resin finish that goes over the top makes it look nothing like concrete, and also because the resin finish comes in a myriad of colors. Thus, you can have a floor that looks great, that matches the rest of your house, and that won’t need to be replaced during your lifetime. In case you need more convincing of why metallic epoxy floors are so popular, here are three more reasons.

1. Durability. As has been touched on briefly already, the best thing about concrete resin flooring is how durable it is. Everyone knows how durable concrete flooring is, but concrete flooring that’s been covered with epoxy resin is even more durable. That’s because the epoxy resin works it’s way into the concrete, helping to bond it together. This makes cracks less likely. On top of that, the epoxy resin also covers the concrete, preventing moisture from seeping through or from the air drying the concrete out. When you combine these two things, you end up with a concrete floor that’s built to last. These floors can last decades with very little upkeep apart from a polishing every so often.

2. Low Cost. While the cost of installing this type of floor is about on par with other types of flooring, the ultimate cost ends up being much less because of how long the floor lasts. When you install carpet in your home, you do so knowing that you’re going to have to replace that carpet in a decade or less. Sometimes, carpet has to be replaced after only five years, depending on the type of carpet and how much wear and tear it sees. That gets costly in a hurry, and it’s not something you have to worry about with epoxy resin concrete flooring.

3. Very Little Maintenance. Finally, since this type of flooring is so durable, the maintenance costs are quite low. Sometimes, an epoxy resin concrete floor will start to show some signs of wear and tear after five years or so, but all you have to do is hire a company like Highlands Concrete Finishers and have them polish the floor. They’ll come in and repair any cracks that might be appearing, and then they’ll polish the entire floor with their high-end equipment. Once they’re done, the floor will look exactly like it did on the day you had it installed, and you won’t have to do anything for another five or ten years.