Things that You Shouldn’t Do When Looking for a Roofer

The roofing of our homes can take quite a beating. After a passing storm it can take a significant amount of damage or even after years go by, your roof can age and slowly accumulate damage as well. It is in these cases that you have to be a responsible homeowner can find a good residential roofer to help you with the job. Getting your roof repairs or replaced requires an investment of both time and money so the roofer that you choose should be reputable and trustworthy.

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Looking for a residential roofing contractor to hire can come as a challenge. There are those that you should look out for; roofers who suddenly appear after a strong storm offering their roofing services and in the process swindling the homeowners who avail. So how can you be sure that you are getting a good residential roofing contractor? Here are things that you shouldn’t do.

  1. Not doing any research on the roofer – If you are going to be looking for a good residential roofing contractor, it is important that you do your research. You avoid roofers who go door-to-door; a well-establish roofing contractor has their own office and must be able to provide a PO box and their real address. You should also check out the contractor’s rating on the Better Business Bureau and look into reviews of their customers.
  2. Hiring roofers who are uninsured and unlicensed – You should only hire residential roofers who have a license and have insurance. A license proves that they are qualified to practice their trade as a roofing company and is a testament to their work. Insurance is to make sure that you, the homeowner will not have to shoulder any cost should any accident happen while the repairs are on-going.
  3. Failing to get a written estimate – For the job that the residential roofer is going to do for you, they should be able to provide you with a written estimate that show all of the important details that you will be paying for such as the labor and materials. Avoid roofers that prefer to do transactions without a written contract. Estimates show you your investment and also help in comparing different roofing contractors.
  4. Failing to get a warranty from the roofer – When you are getting roofing work done, you should make sure that the residential roofing contractor will provide you with a comprehensive warranty. Roofers who have a good reputation and take pride in their practice will provide warranties to back up their workmanship which helps you as the homeowner in the long run.
  5. Deciding solely on price – Price is an important thing to consider when getting a residential roofer. However, you should not just base your decision because of how low the costs are in the estimate of a roofer. You should make sure that you are getting quality work and the investment is worth it and this does not always translate into having low costs for the entire process of roof repairs.