There are three reasons why people install custom window shades. every single window in every single home in the country has some type of window treatment in it. People love having lots of windows in their home because it brings in natural light and allows them to see outside, but they also like to decorate their windows with window treatments like custom window shades. Virtually every single window in the country has some type of window treatment, from blinds and shades to curtains and shutters. Of course, custom window shades are some of the most popular window treatments out there. Here are the three main reasons why so many people install them.

1. Privacy. The first reason why people install window shades is to adjust the privacy level of their home. For some people, this means installing window shades that greatly improve their privacy so that people aren’t able to see into their home from the street. This is great for people who like their privacy and who also live in a big city or busy development where people are constantly passing by their house. It’s also great for specific rooms in a home, such as the bedrooms. Most people would prefer to have their privacy in their bedroom, and thus they turn to custom window shades to ensure that’s exactly what they get.

2. Lighting. The second reason why so many people install custom window shades is to alter the lighting in their home or in a specific room. One of the great things about window shades is that they can be closed and opened to different degrees, and that allows a person to adjust how much light is coming into their home. In the morning, they can open the shades wide and let the sunlight in, and at night they can close them to ensure that no light from the streetlight outside gets in. How much light comes into a home can have a huge impact on the way the home feels and looks, and being able to adjust that light is great.

3. Looks. Another reason why so many people install custom window shades is because of the impact they have on the way a home looks. We’ve already touched on how the amount of light they let in impacts the way a home looks, but the window shades themselves impact the home’s aesthetic as well. A new set of window shades that accentuate the colors and designs in a home can go a long way towards making the home more welcoming.

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