Select a health club revenue management systems company that will take care of your customer service requests. you run a gym or health club and you’re thinking about purchasing software from a health club revenue management systems company, make sure you know what you should be looking for. As you know, health club revenue management software allows you to pass the tedious job of collecting membership dues onto another company. The software will debit the accounts of your members, notify you of any missed payments, and sometimes even contact members who are delinquent to try to get them current. This software is a must for any health club owner who’s tired of tracking all of this information on their own.

However, as you might expect, not all companies producing such revenue management systems are the same. Some companies do a better job than others of creating a product and system that really benefits the health clubs that use it. It’s your goal to find one of these solutions. You’ll want to look for companies that have been producing revenue management solutions for a long time, companies with a great reputation, and companies that offer their solutions at an affordable price. But most importantly, you want to look for companies producing health club revenue management solutions that will handle customer service requests for you.

As all health club owners know, one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job is dealing with customer service requests. When you have a few thousand people who use your gym, there are always going to be some questions. Some people want to know when certain classes are going to be held, while others have questions about their membership dues. You’ll even get some questions that will leave you speechless. Well, when you use a revenue management solution like Debitsuccess from TSG, all of those customer service requests are handled for you by this third party. When a person calls your gym to ask a question about their membership, they’re connected with TSG, and a customer service representative on their end handles the question. This goes for virtually all customer service requests.

Why is this such a nice feature to find in a health club revenue management solution? For one thing, it saves the health club owner/manager a huge amount of time. They’re not stuck answering the phone all day and instead can interact with the members that are actually present at the facility. They can focus on repairing equipment, hiring new personal trainers and instructors, and just generally improving the overall atmosphere of the facility. It’s tedious having to answer calls all day, and it’s immensely valuable to have that taken off of their plates.

It’s also great because it improves the work environment. When people are constantly having to stop what they’re doing to field customer service questions, they get frustrated. Many of the questions seem obvious to them, and they start to get irritated that their entire job is just fielding these questions all day. When that aspect of the job is removed from employees’ list of responsibilities, they’re free to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the job. This helps to create a more positive and energetic work environment.