Physical Therapy for Your Best Life

physical therapyAre you in pain all the time? Does your pain get in the way of you living your best life? Did you know that you don’t have to settle for a life full of pain? No matter what type of pain you’re in, physical therapy can help. In fact, physical therapy has been proven to be as effective as surgery for many common causes of aches and pains, like a torn meniscus or spinal stenosis.

What Physical Therapy Offers

Did you know that there are many different types of physical therapy? Just because you’ve tried one kind does not mean that physical therapy does not work for you. It may be the case that you simply need to ask around and find a physical therapist who works in a different modality. You may also just need a different person. Even a good physical therapist will not have success with some patients.

Some people think that their conditions are too bad or too difficult to treat for physical therapy to work. Did you know that physical therapy can help everything from motor vehicle accident injury rehab to post op rehab to TMJ treatment? There are physical therapists who specialize in all of those things, and more, and they would love to help you feel better.

Other people think that physical therapy just involves doing a bunch of dorky exercises that don’t really seem to achieve anything. While your physical therapist will likely have you do some exercises, the truth is that they should explain each exercise before they send you off to do it. You should understand why you are doing each exercise. This will help you feel more comfortable doing the exercises and to explain to other people why your therapist chose those particular exercises.

Physical therapy should involve more than just exercises, too. It can include active and passive stretching, cardiovascular work, like riding on a stationary bike or walking and running on a treadmill, and even massage. A good physical therapist will know exactly what resources he or she has to work with, and which ones your body might respond to well.

Most physical therapists will offer you a personalized, customized treatment plan for whatever pain you are suffering. If you feel like you’ve been given a one-size-fits-all plan, you should probably find a different therapist. There’s no single plan that works well for every person’s body. Everything should be customized for your needs, as well as to help you meet your goals.

In fact, your physical therapist should ask you about your goals from your very first meeting. Physical therapy will be different for someone who wants to climb mountains than it is for someone who runs to run marathons or someone who simply wants to walk the dog around the block every day. The more that you want to do with your body, the stronger that it needs to be, and that means that you will need a different plan than other people.
At Colorado Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, we have physical therapists who care a lot about helping you reach every goal that you have. They will help you come up with a treatment plan and implement it so that you can do all of the things that you want to do.