Know These Things before Having a Custom Engagement Ring Made

Deciding to propose to your partner, is a big decision and it takes some planning in order to pull it off in a way that you and maybe even your partner dreamed it out to be. When you decide to propose to the person that you love, it is only fitting that you have a custom engagement ring that you know he or she would love. Unless you are a jeweler, you probably won’t have a clue about having a custom engagement ring made and the things that go into it. To help you out, here are some things that you should know before getting that custom engagement ring made.


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  • Let it take some time – Having an engagement ring custom made takes much longer compared to choosing a ring that is already made from the shop. The process starts from designing how the ring would look to the work of bringing it to life. There will be discussions between you and the artist as to how you would like it to look and that dialogue extends to the craftsman as he already creates the ring.
  • Create a budget – When you are thinking about getting an engagement ring, it is very important to set a budget. When you buy a ring that is pre-made, you get to see the pricing up front and know whether you can afford it or it. However, when you choose to have an engagement ring custom made, various factors such as material, design intricacy, etc. affect the cost so you really won’t know the exact price until everything is on the table so set a budget so that you won’t get carried away.
  • Carefully pick your jeweler – One of the most important parts of creating a custom engagement ring is the jeweler that you choose. Such a choice affects how well the entire thing will go so you will want to work with a dealer that has a good reputation and a lot of experience in designing and creating jewelry. This is going to be something your partner will wear, so you will want it to be something of great quality made by the best hands.
  • Consider your partner’s tastes – The custom engagement ring that you are having made is going to be worn by your partner so you want to make sure that it is going to something he or she enjoys wearing. Consider his or her tastes and try to incorporate that into the design of the custom engagement ring. This will be a challenge especially if you haven’t gone ring shopping together before so look at how your partner chooses what he or she wears, their particular style.
  • You should look for some inspiration – Now don’t think that since you are having a custom engagement ring made you have to begin the design process from scratch. A great way to begin is by getting some inspiration. Look into existing rings and see the elements that you think your partner would love and build around that.