Gutter machines are a fantastic invention.

Most homeowners have experienced what it’s like to pull debris out of a gutter. Every spring and/or fall, most homeowners have to get out a ladder to pull leaves, dirt, and other debris from their gutters. If they don’t, the gutter can become clogged, which can lead to all sorts of problems. The water that falls on your roof, either in the form of rain or snow, won’t flow from the roof to your gutter and then down to the ground. Instead, it will back up in the gutter, and either start flowing off the side of your house or form into a puddle on your roof. A puddle on your roof is bad, because it will eventually lead to water leaking through your roof if it sits up there long enough. On the other hand, it’s nearly as bad when water starts overflowing from the side of your gutter, because it will accumulate on the ground where it can leak through basement windows or through the foundation of your home. Given the consequences of not cleaning your gutters properly, it’s not surprising why so many homeowners get out their ladder and do the work each year.

That said, cleaning a gutter is hard work. But if you think cleaning a gutter is hard, just imagine how difficult it is to put up a gutter in the first place. Most prefabricated gutters come in segments that are about 10 feet long. So if you have a roof that’s 25 feet on one side, you’re going to have to connect two 10-foot pieces with a five-foot piece that you get from cutting a third 10-foot piece in half. Once you’ve cut that final piece and you’re ready to go, you have to climb up on a ladder and nail the gutter to the roof. It’s hard work that can often lead to frustration as you struggle to make sure that the gutter is even and connected properly.

This is why gutter machines are such a fantastic invention. A gutter machine is a piece of equipment that creates any length of gutter that you need. All you do is load a coil of metal into one side of the machine, turn it on, and it spits out a perfectly formed gutter. You simply run the machine until you have the gutter at the length you want (i.e. the 25-foot piece from the hypothetical situation above), turn the machine off, grab the piece of gutter, and hang it on your house. You still have to nail the gutter to the side of your home, but you don’t have to mess with fitting various pieces together or cutting a piece to get the gutter to fit.

It’s not always been possible for homeowners to get their hands on a gutter machine, but companies like New Tech Machinery are making it much easier. They produce an incredible line of gutter machines for homeowners and construction companies alike. To learn more about these machines and to discover how easy they make the process of hanging gutters, check out the website for New Tech Machinery at your earliest convenience.