Four things to look for in a bud trimmer.

More and more growers are turning to bud trimmers. They’re sick and tired of spending massive amounts of time trimming their plants, and instead are using pieces of equipment to do the job for them. This saves them time and ultimately money, and it allows them to go through much larger amounts of plant material than before. There are many different types of bud trimmers out there, but the best type is what’s known as a “tumbler”. A bud tumbler is a circular instrument that has a screen running around the outside of it. The grower will insert the plant material into the cylinder, spin the cylinder around in circles, which moves the plant material all about, and the screen will remove the leaves from the plant material and leave the buds in their wake. This type of equipment is best because it’s easy to use, it’s affordable, and it can go through pounds of plant material in a single hour.

Now that you know which type of bud trimming machine to look for, let’s look into what qualities you should be looking for in said machine. Here are the four big ones:

http://www.Tomstumbletrimmer.com1. Durable. The first thing to look for in a dry bud tumbler is that it’s durable. You want to purchase a machine that’s going to last for thousands and thousands of hours of use. Let’s face it, you’re going to be putting thousands of pounds of plant material through this thing in a short period of time. The last thing you want is for the machine to break down within the first year of you owning it. Make sure you buy a tumbler from a company like Tom’s Tumbler that only manufactures high-quality equipment.

2. Easy to Use. The second thing to look for in a dry bud trimming machine is that it’s easy to use. If you take the thing out of the box and you aren’t sure how it should be assembled or how you’re going to operate it, you chose the wrong machine. There are plenty of bud trimmers that are simple to set up and use. Go look for one of those.

3. Effective. Third, you’ll only want to purchase bud trimmers that are incredibly effective. If you put your first pound of plant material into the machine and it didn’t trim it very well or the buds came out looking all funny, then you don’t have the right machine. Like with an easy to use machine, there are plenty of bud trimmers out there that work exquisitely. They’ll remove the leaves and plant material from the buds easily and effectively. Find one of those machines.

4. Affordable. Lastly, pick a bud trimmer that doesn’t cost a fortune. Yet again, there are plenty of bud trimmers on the market that are priced at reasonable rates. There’s no reason why a grower should be spending thousands of dollars on a quality bud trimmer when they don’t have to. Compare prices and quality of machines, and then pick the one with the right blend of those two things.