Feel Like Traveling to Turkey to Buy Handmade Rugs?

If you are looking to travel to a far off land to buy one of a kind handmade rugs for your home, then Turkey would definitely be the place to go for your wanderlust and adventures. The country can offer a variety of wonderful things to see and do while you are hunting for the perfect assortment of handmade rugs.Handmade Rugs

Go to turkey to find your beautiful handmade rugs and you will find that there is much more to experience in the amazing land of Turkey. The politics of the nation and the different fiscal policies might turn off a finance nerd and worldly geek but their people, food, and great spaces are something that you must check out.

What type of places and things can you do while you are in the great and distant land of Turkey?

Let us find out.

Tired of Being Surrounded by Modern Rugs in Your Home? Switch it Up

Our lives like our furniture, our modern rugs, and our general modern styles might be just that, modern and streamlined.

This type of life is great but it may lead to boredom and lack of excitement. We may feel as though we are driving around in a Tesla, it feels efficient, it feels clean and streamlined but it seems rather sterile, there doesn’t seem to be as vibrancy and emotion. We just seem as if we are going through the motions hoping to catch a glimpse of and infusion of raw human emotion and creativity.

Hence, our search for the esoteric and intriguing handmade rugs from an exotic region lands us in Turkey. While there, we can bask in the wide array of opportunities that the ancient land has to offer.

But by the term “ancient land”, we don’t mean that Turkey is a land of dust and old world tents. It is actually one of the most modern countries that lies between Europe and Asia. What sets it apart is the fact that it has been able to preserve a great part of its exotic culture, which is what makes a visit to Turkey to be so culturally rich.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head on over to Turkey and conduct a dive deep into the culture. Visit a few of the great structures that have been around for centuries and experience life in the colorful and rich land of Turkey.


Hagia Sophia Museum

One of the places in Turkey that is a must visit is the Hagia Sophia Museum.


For starters, its intense history will provide you with sense of awe.

Did you know that Hagia Sophia stands for Holy Wisdom in the language of the Greeks? The Hagia Sophia has gone through many a different change over the course of its life. It went from being a cathedral to something that resembled a mosque and now serves as a place of observation, a museum.

Imagine that. It was constructed a while back, in 537 AD and was impressive because of the circular architecture. We can imagine that it had a variety of traditional rugs within its grounds at different points in history. While they may not have been wool rugs or bamboo rugs, we can be certain that the structure certainly had handmade rugs located on the premise of those grounds.

Today, Hagia Sophia is a true representation of the many cultures that held it under their control at certain parts of history. It is open to people from all walks of life, which makes it so significant of Turkey’s approach to the world.

As mentioned above, the country may have a few financial and economical fallacies, but it is full of such sights, places and experiences that make it so culturally significant not only for visitation and tourism, but a source of inspiration for many sectors such as interior design, arts and music.

To summarize, a visit to Turkey would not only leave you with a great collection of traditional rugs, but it will also leave you culturally satisfied.