In our city we have seen almost a dozen new cosmetic dental clinics open during the last year, and there have been almost another dozen clinics to apply for licenses to operate for 2018. It seems that there just aren’t enough cosmetic dental clinics to keep up with the demand for cosmetic dentistry these days. Many people in the dental industry would like to know how cosmetic dentistry has managed to grow so rapidly, when other areas of dental services have struggled to keep patients coming in for basic services. Using information we borrowed from major cosmetic dental sites like,, we have composed a list of the most popular reasons why people seek cosmetic dentistry today.

The importance of physical beauty in our society is getting stronger with each passing year. Many sociologists have made the observation that there has never been a time in man´s history since the ancient Greeks, in which people have been so preoccupied with physical beauty. Our society is addicted to the images of nearly perfect celebrity stars whose seemingly perfect bodies and faces can be found on the pages of every magazine sold today. Many of the people that are most admired right now are people with cosmetic dentistry work such as dental veneers, and dental whitening. People see the smiles of the nation´s biggest start that illuminate the screens of TVs and magazines, and the public want to obtain a smile like the one their idols have. In the past, there wasn’t so much focus on a person´s smile as there is today in Hollywood, and that is having a major impact on how many regular folks are having cosmetic dental work done.

Another cause for the popularity of cosmetic dentistry today is the fact that it is so affordable compared with other forms of cosmetic work. The average person might not have ten grand to blow on a breast implant surgery or nose job, but almost anyone can now afford cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants. As we mentioned above, there has been a serious increase in the number of dental clinics that offer cosmetic dentistry in recent years, so there has also naturally been a major drop in the price of cosmetic dentistry. Just twenty years ago it would have been hard to find a cosmetic dentist unless you lived in one of the country´s major cities, but that has all changed now, and it is currently as easy and cheap to find a cosmetic dentist as it is to find a traditional dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry is also very popular because if the simple fact that there are so many young dentists that are specializing in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to the fact that cosmetic dental work is currently the best paid area of dentistry, the number of young dental students deciding to work in the area is blowing up. Increased numbers of cosmetic dentists mean better access to cosmetic dentistry, and that means there will be more and more folks taking an interest in having a cosmetic dental procedure done.