Tips on How to Enjoy Cannabis Edibles and Alternatives like CBD Drops

Cannabis edibles can be confusing to some people. It can be confusing to know how much to eat and what dose to take. However, now that marijuana is legal in some states it is safer to enjoy edibles because there are regulations in place.


The first thing to do when you want to enjoy cannabis is to talk to the employee at the dispensary. They should be able to help guide you and help you figure out what dosage to take. You should also read the packaging in detail. Make sure you know how much each piece contains. This is important so you do not overeat the product. The packaging will tell you how much THC or CBD is in the product and it will be in milligrams. More than likely the dosage will be 10 milligrams. However, if you have not consumed cannabis in the past or do not consume a lot now then you should only take half a dosage. If you do not feel anything after a couple of hours then you could take the other half. Make sure you read the packaging because not all dosages will be in 10 milligrams. There may be some that are 5, 20 or 40 milligrams.


The next tip is to think about your tolerance. As mentioned before you should start with a very small dosage if you haven’t used marijuana before. You may have a bad experience if you take too much. You may start to feel anxious and paranoid if you take a high dosage and you are not used to it. Also, do not take a high dosage just because your friend is taking a high dosage. Think about your size versus their size. If you are a smaller person you probably do not need as much.


The next time is to be patient. It is important to remember that edibles can take a while to kick in and feel the effects. You should start out with a smaller dosage and work your way up. You should wait at least an hour before consuming more. Two people taking the same dosage will feel the effects at different times because every person’s body is different.


Another tip is to think about what you have eaten before taking the edible. If you have not eaten much beforehand then the edible will kick in faster and have a stronger effect on your body. Also, if you plan on or have drunk any alcoholic beverages you should lower your dosage.


The last tip is to consume the product in a place that you feel safe and comfortable. If you plan to be around others you should also be around people you know and trust. If you are taking one for the first time you should have a close friend with you. This will help you feel at ease and less anxious.
If you are interested in trying out a new product but do not think edibles are for you there are many other options out there. Some other options are CBD tincture, organic cannabis oil and hemp cannabis oil. If you are interested in one of these products just make sure you are buying them from a trusted source like Ojai Energetics.

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa and What to Know about Organic Cannabis Oil

If you are somewhat familiar with marijuana you will know that there are two Ojai Energeticsmain kinds of strains, indica and sativa. Indica makes you feel more relaxed while sativa can help you be more alert. This article will go over the main differences between the two.


As mentioned before indica is going to make a person feel more relaxed. Indica is a great choice for someone who wants to get relaxed before bed or before they watch a movie. On the other hand, sativa is going to make you feel more lively and uplifting. Sativa is great to take if you have a lot of work to get done or if you are going to some sort of social event.


Indica and sativa are also physically different. Sativa is taller while indica is short. Sativa has leaves that are narrow and indica has leaves that are wider. Sativa has long flowering cycles while indica has short flowering cycles.


A person may enjoy both sativa and indica. It may depend what kind of situation they are in and what they are doing. It will also depend on what kind of mood a person is in and what kind of mood they wish to be in. If you are just beginning your day it is best to go with a sativa. This will help you be more awake and energized. This is also great if you decide to workout in the morning or if you have to run any errands. Sativa would also be great if you need to clean up your house. It is almost like a shot of espresso.


If you have just had a long stressful day then an indica strain would be best for you to choose. If you are just looking to unwind and relax on the couch then indica would be a great choice. If you want to just watch a TV show or movie then indica is perfect for that. If you are looking to do some self-reflection then indica would also be your best choice. You could go on a nice stroll after you use the indica and enjoy yourself.


It is important to note that the effects you feel after taking indica or sativa will also vary depending on other factors like your own biology. It will also be affected by what size dosage you consume.
If you are not sure which strain to consume you could also get a blend of the two. You could try a blend in a variety of different products like organic cannabis oil, medical cannabis oil or hemp cannabis oil. If you get a blend of the two this is called a hybrid. A hybrid will fall in the middle of the two strains. Hybrids are also great to use when cooking. You can put some oil in any of your favorite dishes. You can even infuse the hemp cannabis oil into any cooking oil you already use. And if you’re looking to relax but you don’t smoke then CBD drops would be a great choice.