Varied And Interesting Ideas For Gluten Free Snacks For Children

wheat glutenCeliac disease is an unfortunate genetic illness whose only known treatment is a gluten free diet. Although these dietary concerns can place pressure on parents to find suitable foods for their children, there is a growing number of suitable gluten free snacks and the like that can improve a child’s quality of life and make food a little more interesting for them.

While Z.E.N, does not have celiac disease, I do feel that gluten may be to blame for some nasal and skin problems he has been facing. So because of these potential gluten allergy symptoms, we are looking to try and cut back on items containing gluten. I don’t think we’ll be able to cut it out completely since everyone in this household loves bread so much, but in my opinion, every little step helps. In this article, we will look at just a few popular examples of these gluten free foods.

Fruit and Vegetables

It is a common refrain that people these days do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, and when in search of a gluten free diet there is more incentive than ever to take up eating many of those natural foods you might otherwise have neglected. Fruit, especially, can be a great choice for gluten free snacks since an apple or an orange is light and easy to carry as well as being tasty and healthy. Natural fruit makes a good alternative to the common granola bars, which are unsuitable.

Meat, Fish and Eggs

While many recipes that use eggs also contain gluten, eggs by themselves are perfectly healthy and a great source of nourishment. Gluten free diets are often associated with vegetarianism, but there is no particular dietary reason to avoid meat and fish. It is important to understand that gluten could be introduced into any recipe, which is why it is important to start with pure, unprocessed products. Some fish, for example, is sold with a breaded coating, which is likely not compatible with a gluten free diet.

Cookies and Other Treats

You might be surprised at the diversity and originality of some recipes for gluten free snacks for kids. For instance, while shopping at my local B.J.s I came across Snikiddy Snikiddy Cheddar Cheese Fries gluten free snacksBaked Fries which is a great gluten free alternative. Gluten free cookies are also becoming popular, and there are a great many different great-tasting recipes from which to choose. You might be surprised by the diverse array of gluten free snack ideas and desserts on offer. Whether you want to serve these as the finish of a large meal or just as a light snack during the day, they can offer a great resource for an interesting gluten free lifestyle.

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What gluten free snacks ideas do you have? Do you have any gluten free snack recipes  you can share?

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  1. says

    Hi Here from comment hour!
    My son is allergic to wheat, so we eat a lot of gluten free stuff. I can’t tell you names right now( too little time) but whole foods has a LOT of stuff!

  2. says

    I do think that the newest gluten free craze has gotten out of control with people who do NOT have a gluten allergy (and I’ve also read a report that said that people on gluten-free diets usually gain weight because most of the products they consume up the carbs and such to make up for the lack of gluten), it doesn’t hurt to cut out unnecessary parts of anyone’s diet and looking for a healthier way to approach life! I definitely make a habit of giving my kids more fruits than junk food!

    visiting from #commenthour

    • Diane says

      Whoa! I definitely do not need to gain any weight! Yes, trying to live a healthier life is a always a good thing! Thanks for visiting.

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