Pool Alarms For Children Are Important For Keeping Your Kids Safe

pool alarms for childrenPool alarms for children should be required for any responsible parent. When we moved into our home, I was delighted at the fact that the house came with a pool.  The pool was not fitted with a pool alarm or pool cover, so when Z.E.N. was born we made sure to add a fence around the entrance to the pool deck and also purchased a pool alarm and cover.

Hundreds of young children in the United States alone drown in pools every year. Many more are injured or put in severe danger. A simple alarm can prevent this tragedy and help keep your kids safe. Pool alarms come in several varieties. All can greatly increase the safety of your children around pools. Their essential purpose is to warn you when a child has fallen or jumped into the pool without your knowledge. This gives you the all-important time to react and greatly improves the chances of the child being saved.

Pool Alarms In Brief

No alarm can make up for lax parenting. Safety around the home is dependent largely on the parents’ attentiveness. Leaving a child alone for more than a minute is extremely dangerous when there is any chance of him or her getting into difficulty; however, many accidents happen when a child somehow manages to elude his or her parents, in which case some sort of warning can be a literal lifesaver. Pool alarms for babies and children are intended to signal that a child has fallen into the pool, giving the parents some sort of notice. This works just as well whether it is your own children or the neighbors’ children who have snuck into your pool, which is a real advantage.

Different Kinds Of Pool Alarms

There are two essential kinds of pool alarms for children. The first is the perimeter alarm, which is used to warn you when anyone enters within a particular range of the pool. This can use a number of different technologies; an infrared beam is common. This option can be very useful and can provide a very fast response time. The second option is a surface sensor. These can work in a couple of different ways, but the primary type uses a float, which senses waves. If waves are produced, as they will be when anyone gets in and swims or thrashes around, the float will move, the sensor will activate, and the alarm will sound. Most of these alarms have a delay on the sensor so that it is not triggered accidentally.

Miscellaneous Safety Information

The aforementioned sensor delay can be a very useful part of pool alarms for children. The typical problem is that the alarm is triggered too easily, and goes off every time the wind blows and a slight ripple is produced. If this constantly sets off the alarm, the “boy who cried wolf” scenario may develop in which the parents begin to ignore the alarm. The danger in that is that there is always the probability that someone may have fallen  into the pool. Ignoring the alarm can cause someone their life. A trigger delay will prevent the alarm from sounding unless there is severe movement over a certain number of seconds. While this reduces the response time, it also reduces the likelihood of a false warning.


A pool security alarm can be extremely useful for looking after not only your own kids but those of your neighbors as well. Choosing a pool alarm is not difficult, since any is better than none. However, do look out for those that will carefully avoid false warnings. Also, consider using a combination of alarms. A system involving both an area sensor and a surface sensor will give you the best combination of early and reliable warnings.  In addition to pool alarms for children, we also rely on our home alarm which will alert us if a certain little one opens any exterior doors.

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  1. says

    I must say, we have a pool and we don’t have a pool alarm. But reading your post got me informed about them, and now I’m considering getting one. Thank you for the information!

    visiting from #commenthour

    • Diane says

      Every summer I hear sad stories on the news of babies and young children falling into pools that either die or wind up being severely brain injured. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  2. says

    I think it should be required for all pools to have at least a surface alarm. We have so many other safety laws in effect, you think that with all the number of pool drownings they would enact more pool laws and guidelines. One of my in-laws drowned in a swimming pool this past weekend. So, pool safety is especially hitting home right now.
    YUMMommy recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    • Diane says

      I agree. Things like car seat, booster seats, bike helmets are mandatory. Pool alarms should be as well. So sorry to hear about your in-law.

  3. says

    This reminds me of a story my father tells of how he saved me from drowning when I was as kid. In this story though it was because my grandpa was holding me over the edge of the diving board before I knew how to swim and accidently let go.

    You have to look out for kids rough housing too if they are palying around the pool

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