Chuck Season 4 -The Ring Bearer

Chuck Season 4 DVD

Big Mike used to be Morgan’s boss.  In an earlier season, he dabbles in a little online dating and meets a great woman, Morgan’s mom.  In Chuck Season 4, we see that the roles have been reversed and Morgan is now Big Mike’s boss.  Morgan is a little uncomfortable with the fact that Big Mike…

What If Aliens Came to Earth? V Season 2 Episode 9

V season 2 on DVD Blu-ray

For a long time, Anna has been trying to figure out how to control humans.  Throughout the series, she’s tried a few different methods, none of which have worked.  But in V Season 2, Episode 9, Anna makes a startling discover.  She learns that she she can control humans by using bliss.  Usually, when Anna…

Arthur’s Nose by Marc Brown: A Review


It’s always great to have a children’s book that in a way goes back in time to the early life of a character that is much loved. Arthur has been the highly lovable, recognizable character in the Arthur series of books by Marc Brown. However, in Arthur’s Nose, readers get to see a whole different…

Math Midway Provides Traveling Interactive Math Exhibit With Lots Of Fun For Kids

Math Midway LSC

A few weeks ago, I attended an event to preview the new Math Midway exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Math Midway is a traveling exhibit from the Museum of Mathematics. The exhibit, which made its debut at the Liberty Science Center in October 2011, provides interactive and educational fun…

V Season 2: The Traitor

V season 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray

Last week I provided a brief overview of the second series finale of V.  Let’s delve a little deeper into the series shall we?  In V Season 2, we see Hobbes betray the group in more than one episode.  Although Hobbes is a member of the Fifth column,  he killed Eli and also caused Joe’s…

Chuck the Spy: Irreplaceable


Season 4 of the popular TV show Chuck had many ups and downs and great moments.  One episode which was quite memorable to me was episode 18.  In Chuck Season 4 episode 18, two new agents are brought in.  These 2 agents seem to be just about perfect at everything, so Chuck and Sarah become…

The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt

a bowl of greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

This post is part of a blog series on the yummy goodness of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has become a very popular alternative for normal yogurt, and it is believed to have many health benefits. It is especially popular with those on high protein or low carbohydrate diets, and its creamy texture makes it a…

Chuck the Spy Proposes

Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

Last week I gave you a brief overview of the Chuck Season 4 finale, but I didn’t talk much about the proposal.  If you’ve been following the Chuck series, you will know that Chuck has tried to propose to  Sarah on several occasions, and each time something happened which got in the way of the…

An Overview of The V Season 2 Finale

V Season 2 on Blu-Ray Disc

The second series finale of V is likely the finale of the V television series, and it went out with quite a bang. The episode was the culmination of two plots at once: Anna’s plot to get a grandchild, and the Fifth Column’s plot to depose Anna. Unfortunately for the humans, everything that could go…

Wordless Wednesday -The Face of Forty


I celebrated my fortieth birthday this weekend.  This is the face of forty.