Help Others Help Themselves With Kiva Microlending

Have you heard of micro lending? This relatively new concept in financing allows people to loan small amounts of money to people wanting help with their business start-ups and improvements. In fact, Philip and I have been involved with microlending since 2008 by providing loans to people living in third world countries via Kiva Micro… Read More »


The Courage Of A Brave Woman #Cbias #BraveWoman

Many people would agree that society should have progressed to the point where domestic violence no longer exists. Sadly, this is not the case. Many women still find themselves in situations where they are victims of violence, sometimes in their own homes. During times when there is trouble at home, women can feel like they… Read More »


The True Meaning Of Christmas

Now that Christmas is just about here, I’m taking the time to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas.  When Christmas is mentioned, most of us instinctively think about a big tree with parcels wrapped up, the strings of lights outside the house, or the jolly fat man who comes down the chimney on Christmas… Read More »


Decorating For the Holidays – Part 2 #Searsrealcheer #CBias

As I mentioned in my previous post about decorating for the holidays, one of the items we purchased while shopping at the Sears Holiday Shop was a Christmas train set for Z.E.N. As soon as we got home, he insisted that we had to set it up.  We had a long day and I really… Read More »


Decorating For The Holidays On A Budget Part 1

After decorating our tree last week, I realized that Christmas was approaching fast, and I barely had any other decorations up. The house looked boring, and Z.E.N. kept asking if we were going to decorate.  I didn’t have much in terms of holiday home décor, plus funds were low so I was delighted when I… Read More »


Warm Up Winter With Hearty Food And Fireside Activities

Every year, it happens. Cold weather sneaks up when nobody seems to be paying attention, and suddenly the carefree, balmy breezes of long summer days and lazy evenings are but a memory. Suddenly it is cold outside and dark far too early. However, here are some tips for warming up winter and turning it into… Read More »


Extra, Extra, Read The Duane Reader!

I recently visited Duane Reade, which is one of my favorite New York establishments, and spotted this nifty publication near the checkout counter.    Curious, I picked it up because I had never seen it before, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was the Holiday Edition of the Duane Reader, their new store circular…. Read More »