My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss: A Review

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss: A Review Anyone who has read Dr. Seuss books in the past will undoubtedly realize the value of a Dr. Seuss story, even long after the author’s death. My Many Colored Days is one of the rare manuscripts ever to be published after Dr. Seuss’s death and is… Read More »


Shopping for Boys Sneakers #CBias

Last week while I was going through Z.E.N.’s folder, I noticed an envelope with my name on it.  I thought that maybe it was a thank you note form his teacher for the Christmas gift he gave her, so didn’t open it right away and opted to focus on his homework.  When I opened it… Read More »


What I’m Reading In 2012

Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve been reviewing a lot of the children’s books that Z.E.N’s been reading.  I have fallen a little behind, but I plan to continue with the children’s book reviews. Last year, I read a few books but never got around to reviewing them.  Well this year that’s going… Read More »


Getting My Life Organized

It’s that time of the year when I start to think about getting my life organized and all the home organizing and home improvement projects I want to do this year.  I always tend to start of with lots of plans,but just like resolutions, a lot of these plans somehow seem to fizzle.  Not this… Read More »


Kids Learn To Care With The BK Crown Program

Kids learn to care for the planet when they participate in the BK Crown Program. They will learn how they can help support charities that make a difference in many areas, like wildlife, the environment, and education. The program works by donating a penny to designated charities each time a child enters a code from… Read More »


Help Others Help Themselves With Kiva Microlending

Have you heard of micro lending? This relatively new concept in financing allows people to loan small amounts of money to people wanting help with their business start-ups and improvements. In fact, Philip and I have been involved with microlending since 2008 by providing loans to people living in third world countries via Kiva Micro… Read More »