V Season 2: The Traitor

V season 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray

Last week I provided a brief overview of the second series finale of V.  Let’s delve a little deeper into the series shall we?  In V Season 2, we see Hobbes betray the group in more than one episode.  Although Hobbes is a member of the Fifth column,  he killed Eli and also caused Joe’s…READ MORE >>

Chuck the Spy: Irreplaceable


Season 4 of the popular TV show Chuck had many ups and downs and great moments.  One episode which was quite memorable to me was episode 18.  In Chuck Season 4 episode 18, two new agents are brought in.  These 2 agents seem to be just about perfect at everything, so Chuck and Sarah become…READ MORE >>

Chuck the Spy Proposes

Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

Last week I gave you a brief overview of the Chuck Season 4 finale, but I didn’t talk much about the proposal.  If you’ve been following the Chuck series, you will know that Chuck has tried to propose to  Sarah on several occasions, and each time something happened which got in the way of the…READ MORE >>

An Overview of The V Season 2 Finale

V Season 2 on Blu-Ray Disc

The second series finale of V is likely the finale of the V television series, and it went out with quite a bang. The episode was the culmination of two plots at once: Anna’s plot to get a grandchild, and the Fifth Column’s plot to depose Anna. Unfortunately for the humans, everything that could go…READ MORE >>

Chuck Season 4 Finale – No Guts, No Glory


The popular action drama Chuck, now entering its fifth season, has garnered a lot of interest. Millions of Chuck fans who have been hooked on this hit series were blown away by the season 4 finale that was full of excitement and fun. If you too have been following this series and are keen to…READ MORE >>

Fire Safety For Kids is Important

Fire Safety Tips Every Kid Should Know

Did you know that October is fire safety month? Well now you do! Fires can be very scary. I know this first hand because, years ago, the room that my 2 younger sisters shared caught on fire. Luckily no one was at home at the time, but our home sustained some significant damage and we…READ MORE >>

10 Holiday Planning Tips to Make Things Smooth


As you can already tell, I’m really excited about the upcoming holiday season.  Although it’s only October, I have already started planning for Christmas.  I know that some people tend to get stressed out over the holidays, but that is simply because many people fail to plan for the holiday season. Planning is the key to…READ MORE >>

A Preview Of The Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle fire

Many of you know that I absolutely love my Kindle 3G Wireless reading device.  However, I am looking forward to the release of the new Amazon Kindles.  Amazon recently announced that 3 new Kindle devices will be added to the Kindle product line.  while they all sound very nice, the one that I am most…READ MORE >>

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