Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Christmas songs christmas music CD

For the past couple of years, It’s taken Phil and I a long time to get into the holiday spirit. Last year it was really bad and we finally got around to getting a Christmas tree the day before Christmas. This year we wanted to change this trend and decided to make a concerted effort…

Extra, Extra, Read The Duane Reader!


I recently visited Duane Reade, which is one of my favorite New York establishments, and spotted this nifty publication near the checkout counter.    Curious, I picked it up because I had never seen it before, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was the Holiday Edition of the Duane Reader, their new store circular….

Earn Money And Cash Back Rewards Shopping At zuuzs


Imagine if you could shop at your favorite online stores and make money doing so. Well that is exactly what happens when you do your shopping at zuuzs. zuuzs is an online deal site where you and your friends and family can shop for all your favorite products online and get discounts, deals and earn…

The Rice Krispies Mystery

rice krispies

Because we have a private well and are not hooked up to the municipal water supply in my town, Z.E.N. has to take a prescription vitamin which contains fluoride.  One day I needed to go fill his prescription and Phil decided to come along, because he wanted to pick up some wine at the liquor…

Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys Play Set – A review

soccer guys

If you have any younger kids that are soccer fans, then the Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set is just the toy you have been looking for. It can even be used to teach the game to your kids. The Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set comes with 30 pieces total so that your kids…

Wordless Wednesday: Kindergarten School Picture

Z School Picture

I picked up Z.E.N. from school today and was pleasantly to find an envelope in his folder which contained his school pictures.  I wasn’t expecting them as we were told that they wouldn’t be delivered until next week. Z.E.N. loves to wear suits and opted to wear what he calls his “president suit” for picture…

#VlogTalk – Thanksgiving From the Perspective of a 5 Year-Old


Please sit back and enjoy this little video of me interviewing my 5 year-old.  In this interview Z.E.N. tells us a little about his knowledge of Thanksgiving, what should be added to the Thanksgiving menu, and what/who he’s thankful for. I’m also linking up with My Time As Mom, Mommy is in Timeout and a…

The Runaway Dog


Although Philip’s mom is in her 70’s, she still works.  She does not drive, so Philip and his brothers take turns driving her to and from work.  One day, I wound up picking her up from work and Z.E.N. came along for the ride. When we arrived at her house, she thanked me for the…

There’s Something in my Attic by Mercer Mayer: A Review


It is always great when children’s books tackle different issues and teach kids new things. One of the great children’s book story themes are those that revolve around overcoming certain fears. There’s Something in My Attic by Mercer Mayer is one such story that carries with it lessons of courage and facing your fears, and…

THQ Family Fun Day – uDraw Tablet and Games Preview

uDraw game stations at THQ Family Fun Day

A few weeks ago, my family and I were invited to attend a preview of the new THQ uDraw Tablet and games.  The event, dubbed “THQ Family fun Day,” was held at the Setai Hotel in NYC.  This event was sooo much fun! As we entered the suite where the event was being held, we…