First Lost Tooth

So today Z.E.N. lost his first tooth. Earlier in the day he complained of some sensitivity he was having and then he kind of forgot about it.  later on in the day, he wanted a snack so Philip gave him a pear. Once he was all done, I asked him how his tooth felt and… Read More »

Why I Fear for my Son

Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  Apparently Trayvon Martin, who is a teenager, was shot and killed for the sole reason that he was “walking while black” in Sanford, Fl.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, law enforcement officials didn’t even conduct a real investigation into… Read More »


Overview of the New Acura MDX Family Friendly SUV

The Acura MDX is a new luxury SUV model for 2012 from this Honda-owned car manufacturer.  The 2012 version is showing some superb improvements on the 2010 version, especially with an updated 6-speed gear box and automatic transmission.  It also comes with a completely re-worked and re-engineered V6 engine, a more elegant design, as well… Read More »


Creating A Simple House Cleaning Schedule

 This post is sponsored by Pine-Sol® Clean & Disinfect with Pine-Sol®: The Powerful Scent of Clean." I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all my own. House cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do.  As I juggle between my work, and taking… Read More »


Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Living Space

  Freshen Up Your Living Space  Spring Has Arrived Spring has not yet officially arrived, however, we’ve been having some major spring like weather here in the NY/NJ tri-stare area.  Spring has got to be one of my favorite seasons.  For me, the arrival of spring signifies renewal.  The trees start to bud, flowers start… Read More »


The Joy of Cooking?

As some of you may already know, Philip does most of the cooking around here.  It’s not because I can’t cook, in fact I‘m a pretty decent cook, however, for him, cooking is effortless.  He can whip up a wonderful meal from scratch in no time flat, and is very creative in the kitchen.  I,… Read More »


St. Patrick’s Day: What It Is And Fun Things To Do On This Day

Growing up, I attended a Catholic elementary school. I fondly remember the days leading up to St. Patrick’s day. There was always a flurry of fun activities surrounding this day and lots of green to be seen. Like his mama, Z.E.N. attends a Catholic school as well, and seeing his coursework on St. Patrick’s day… Read More »


Thinking About Summer Travel

Phil and I just started thinking about travel plans for this summer.  We are not sure where we want to go yet, but we do know that we want to travel internationally.  As we were brainstorming and researching summer travel destinations, I vaguely remembered that children’s passports don’t last as long as adult passports.  So,… Read More »