E is for Energy – Easy Ways to Save Energy

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to save energy. For many it is to help the strain on the environment as well as their pocket books. We have all seen the “green homes” and extreme environmental people who will tell you if you are not 100% green you are not doing enough. I for… Read More »


C is for Craft – Easy Easter Craft for Kids

I am a class mom for my son’s kindergarten class.  One of my responsibilities as a class mom is to come up with a craft which coincides with some of the holidays.  Since my son attends a Catholic school, and since Easter is rapidly approaching, this month’s craft had to have an Easter theme. In… Read More »


I’ve Got Props…From One Tree Hill

You probably already know that I occasionally work with the Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness about different television shows.  Well, they recently contacted me and offered to send me real prop from the set of One Tree Hill.  Of course I accepted!  Since the show will be coming to an end, these props… Read More »


Ten Things That Make My Life Easier

This week, I decided to participate in the Monday Listicles blog meme.  This weeks prompt is to create a list of 10 things/people/services that make my life easier. In no particular order… 1.  iPhone – When I first heard that Apple was coming out with a phone, I knew that I had to have one. … Read More »


I’ve Joined the Claritin Mom Crew

I was recently selected to become part of the Claritin Mom Crew. As I previously mentioned in my earlier post about allergy medicine for children, Z.E.N. suffers from terrible allergies.  It’s gotten to a point where on his last allergy outbreak, he was prescribed an inhaler because he was so congested.  His doctor also stated… Read More »