Sharing the Love with P&G

Last week I was invited to a fabulous event hosted by P&G.  The event dubbed, Share, Love, Celebrate the Best of P&G was a special event to celebrate some of P&G’s “Most Loved” brands. P&G brands including Olay®, CoverGirl®, Febreze®, Tide and Pantene®.  I was invited to bring a +1 and we would have a… Read More »


Benefits of an Air Purifier

How clean is the air in your home?  Scientists are now saying that there are more pollutants in a person’s home than there are outside; that a confined space like an office or a house is many times more likely to make a person sick than spending the same amount of time outside. I totally… Read More »


Having Fun With Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

    Hasbro recently introduced their new line of Transformers toys. Based on the third season of Transformers Prime, the Emmy Award-winning animated series, the new Beast Hunters line of toys is based on the Beast Hunters storyline. As the story goes, the Autobots now face off against their established enemies the Decepticons as well… Read More »


How Walmart Is Empowering Women For Success

Why Empower Women? Women have come a far way within the last 50 plus years. We see more women today enjoying employment opportunities in industries that a few years ago would have been simply unheard of. No longer are women confined to the home, or in some cases, certain fields or industries of work. Still,… Read More »


Make A Difference With Electronics Recycling

Going green and protecting the environment may be easy when it comes to the regular household items, but electronics recycling is a little tougher. Curbside recycling takes care of the usual stuff, you know – water bottles, milk jugs, and routine paper products. But finding a way to responsibly recycle electronics hasn’t been easy. We… Read More »


Family Friendly Fun At MACs Kids Expo 2013

Although it may be cold outside, there are plenty of family friendly fun activities going on this Sunday, February 24 at MACs Kids Expo 2013. This event has been delivering fun-filled activities for four years. These events are both informative and educational for families in Westchester County, including the Tri-State NY vicinity. Families can enjoy… Read More »


Sharing a Few Patio Decorating Ideas

Even though we are in the middle of winter, I am starting to think about our outdoor living space. We have a pretty big yard and love to grill and entertain outdoors, but our patio area has no style at all. Yeah we have some decent patio tables and chairs, but that’s pretty much it…. Read More »