Finding Green Products at Duane Reade

As you all know, I am really working on going green and trying to live a healthier life.  The only problem I face though is the fact that organic and green products tend to be a little pricier than their non-green counterparts, so I’m still at a stage where I buy green products only when… Read More »


Showing A Little Leg With Duane Reade Legwear

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time for me to start thinking about all the holiday parties and family gatherings that will soon ensue.  I like to dress nice at these types of gatherings and for me, that usually means wearing either a skirt or dress.  Every year I usually devote a day where I… Read More »


Learning How to Manage Migraines with Jordin Sparks

The makers of Excedrin Migraine recently partnered with the multi-talented Jordin Sparks, to to raise awareness about managing migraines. Jordin and her mom are migraine sufferers so she knows first hand what it’s like to suffer from migraines. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Excedrin Migraine Education campaign launch in NYC.   I… Read More »


Happenstance Meetings #ConnectingFlights

As most of you already know, we love to travel as a family, and try to get away as often as we can.  Traveling can be very stressful at times though, especially when you miss a connecting flight.  Have you ever missed a connecting flight?  We have and I can tell you it’s not fun… Read More »


16 Things I Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was no joke.  I have never experienced a storm like this in my life.  While I’ve heard of hurricanes occurring in places like Florida and the Caribbean, I really didn’t know what to expect.  Now that I’ve been through one, I know to take it very seriously if we ever get hit with… Read More »


Give the Gift of Wine

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes I have no idea what to give to a certain person. When that happens, I usually turn to wine. Wine makes a great gift because it’s a gift that you can give for just about any occasion. The problem though when it comes to giving wine as a… Read More »

creative turkey leftover recipes

20+ Creative Turkey Leftover Recipes

It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but you know the drill: Turkey, turkey, everywhere! The same ol’ turkey sandwich gets boring after a while, so what’s a gal to do with the leftovers? I’m glad you asked! If you have no room in the freezer and a lot of leftover turkey, there are many places that you… Read More »


A New Way To Build Self Esteem

The Dove Movement for Self Esteem is an initiative that aims at supporting positive self esteem among girls and women as a way of enabling them to exploit their full potential in the society. This initiative was founded for girls and women to learn the true definition of beauty and make them be proud of… Read More »


Enjoying National Pizza Month

Do you like pizza?  Z.E.N. and I love pizza!  Philip on the other hand is not a big fan, but I would say that he is in the minority.  Around 94 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a month and there are estimated to be over 60,000 pizzerias across the country, meaning that… Read More »


How MyGofer Can Help New Moms Save Time

It is not always easy being a mom. This is a stage in life where you will have extra responsibilities especially when taking care of your child. Things become even harder when you are a new mom and you need ample time with your newborn. In such cases, you will not always have the chance… Read More »


The Happy Hour Effect Virtual Book Tour

A new book by Kristen K. Brown titled The Happy Hour Effect will be available on November 12, 2012 and will show people how to relieve stress. Kristen is now a holistic health counselor. She has been a widowed mother and is a twenty year veteran of corporate America. She has experienced personal loss and… Read More »