25 Fathers Day gift Ideas

25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June is right around the corner so that means that Father’s Day is almost here! I have always struggled when it came to thinking of stuff to do or buy for my dad.  I always wound up buying him stuff like shirts and ties, etc.. I really like receiving handmade items from Z.E.N. and I’m… Read More »


25 Chocolate Chip Treat Ideas

May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day. As the country gears up to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day, you may wonder about a few things that make this tiny little morsel such an important part of the culture.  Ruth Wakefield is credited with inventing the chocolate chip cookie during the 1930s.  Wakefield was a dietician… Read More »


Graffiti Inspired Nail Art Challenge

When Sally Hansen and Collective Bias asked me to partner with them and challenged me to come up with a street look for my nails I jumped at the challenge. I have a pretty big collection of nail polish, but at times I’m lazy when it comes to actually coming up with cute designs for… Read More »


Getting Happy, Healthy and Ready for Summer

I am so excited to have partnered with Duane Reade and Collective Bias to bring you this post about Duane Reade’s new Happy and Healthy Magazine. We had a long cold winter here in the Northeast, but happily, it’s starting to warm up around here.  Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely hate the… Read More »


The New Evian “Baby & Me” Commercial is Funny!

There have been millions of television ads produced that have gained popularity and created a spark of sensation across the globe.  One of those commercials is the new Evian baby commercial which is presented by the Evian Natural Spring Water Company.  I came across this commercial while I was watching the news this morning and… Read More »