Green Smoothies For Kids

Green Smoothies for Kids You Have To Try

All parents struggle with getting their children to eat healthy foods. For those who worry that their children are not consuming enough fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, encouraging them to drink green smoothies loaded with nutrient-rich superfoods may be the answer. Green smoothies are simply fruit smoothies with greens added to them. Greens are the… Read More »


3 Tips For Protecting Your Child From Drugs

Well, we certainly live in a world that is filled with evil.  As parents, from the first day that our children come into the world, we immediately want to shelter them from all the dangers and evils that the world has to offer.  As children grow up, they face new evils and obstacles along the… Read More »


Enjoy Scrumptious Food at Hershey Farm Restaurant In Lancaster County

While we were in Lancaster, we had lunch at Hershey Farm Restaurant.  When we first heard of the place, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we still decided to check it out anyway. I am so glad we did, because the food at this restaurant is fantastic. They offer two different types of… Read More »


Shopping For The #searsStyle #NYFW Blogger Brunch

New York Fashion week kicked off last week.  I have never really paid that much attention to fashion week in the past, I guess mostly because I have never been invited to any of the festivities surrounding fashion week. This year however, things have changed a little.  I was invited to attend a blogger brunch… Read More »


Celebrate National Yoga Month with Athleta Yoga #AthletaEmbrace

  Do you do Yoga? I recently became interested in Yoga after seeing post after post from my cousin about her yoga classes on Facebook. She mentioned how it had really helped her with her back pain. I was intrigued and decided to try it out since I have been experiencing some back pain for… Read More »


Our Stay at the Fulton Steamboat Inn

On our recent trip to Lancaster County, PA we decided to stay at the Fulton Steamboat Inn. We chose this particular hotel because: It had excellent reviews on TripAdvisor It was unique It’s location – it was close to all the other attractions we wanted to visit. The hotel is shaped like an actual old… Read More »


Getting Ready for Fall with Cookie’s Kids

Well Labor Day is here, and that means that summer is just about over. I expect the weather to start cooling down soon around here so that means, Z.E.N. will need some warmer clothes.  He has grown so much so he can’t really fit into the clothes he had last fall anymore, so that means… Read More »


Vitamin E Oil And Fish Oil Benefits

Vitamin E oil and fish oil are two of the most widely taken oils, especially in supplement form. But what do they do and are they really important for good health? Vitamin E oil Many oils, including those extracted from canola, corn, wheat germ, safflower, soy and sunflower, are used individually or in combination to… Read More »


A Fun Day With Duane Reade, Nesquik & the Bryan Brothers

As a kid, one of my absolute favorite beverages was chocolate milk.  My mom used to purchase the little rectangular containers of Nestlé’s Quik (that’s what it used to be called back then) in the chocolate flavor and I would be in heaven.  I loved it both hot and cold and drank it every morning… Read More »