A Fun Day With Duane Reade, Nesquik & the Bryan Brothers

Nestle Nesquik banner

As a kid, one of my absolute favorite beverages was chocolate milk.  My mom used to purchase the little rectangular containers of Nestlé’s Quik (that’s what it used to be called back then) in the chocolate flavor and I would be in heaven.  I loved it both hot and cold and drank it every morning…

National Geographic’s Photo Contest For Kids

Winning photo entry of the National Geographic International Photography contedt for kids in 2011

In the last century, National Geographic has showcased the talents of some of the world’s best photographers. Now, they are offering kids a chance to show off their skills with their 6th Annual International Photography Contest for Kids. This photo competition is done in cooperation with the US version of National Geographic Kids, and ten…

Rookie USA is Finally Here!

Rookie USA - before

Last month, I mentioned that Rookie USA, this great new kids clothing store, would be opening soon.  Well guess what, Rookie USA is finally here!  Phil, Z.E.N. and I visited their first store, which is located at 808 Columbus Avenue in New York City, earlier this week and we were quite impressed with what we…

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

school lunch ideas for the lunchbox

I am so sad to see that summer is already coming to an end. This means that school is just around the corner and it is already time to set new goals for another fun-filled school year.  One of my goals, is to come up with some new healthy school lunch ideas because, last year,…

Decisions To Make Before You Bring Home Baby

newborn baby african american - © Michel Borges - Fotolia.com

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life, and it brings with it many changes in body and lifestyle.  While you certainly don’t need to have all the answers before your baby comes home for the first time, there are some plans to make and decisions to consider that will make the transition easier….

Learn How To Motivate Kids

Child helping at home by putting his toys away

Learning how to motivate kids is a priceless value that often takes time. Children are unique beings, and they are often very stubborn and selfish. This is not true of kids all of the time, but getting kids to do things around the house can be difficult. It seems like parents have to continuously ask…

18 Kid Friendly Breakfast Ideas and Recipes

Kids breakfast ideas recipes collage

Breakfast around here has been pretty boring.  For the past 2 weeks, breakfast has consisted of either Honey Nut Cheerios, whole wheat toast with butter, or scrambled eggs and bacon.  In an effort to try to jazz things up a bit, I did some searching here on the net to see what new breakfast ideas…

Back to School Blues

Going back to school - school supplies

Well school opens around here in a few weeks, three weeks to be exact.  After a summer of sleeping in and carefree lazy days, I don’t think I’m quite ready for back to school!  I am actually dreading it because: I am not a morning person and will have to wake up at around 6:15…

Top 5 Places To Visit In Belgium

Belgium Map - © Tupungato - Fotolia.com

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the most visited city in that country. This is not a surprise since it has some of the best sites in Belgium. It is also the destination of a lot of diplomats from other countries since it is the de facto capital of the European Union. It is also…

Yoga Exercise During Pregnancy


Becoming a mother is a personal journey for many women. It is a time of growth and transformation. Yoga is a tool that can benefit the expectant mother to embrace this time. Their first introduction to yoga is often during pregnancy. It is undoubtedly ideal for pregnant women – health professionals, parenting sites and the…