The Carpet That Gives You A License to Spill

Food stands at Highlands Clam Festival in Highlands, NJ

When we first moved into our house, all the floors were covered in wall-to-wall carpeting. After some investigating, we realized that the carpeting was covering up gorgeous hard wood flooring upstairs. We ripped out the carpeting upstairs, but kept it downstairs. Maintaining the downstairs carpet though is a constant chore for me. Having a clean…READ MORE >>

25 Cheesecake Recipes You Have To Try

25 Cheesecake Recipes

So, today is National Cheesecake Day! It seems like there are food holidays out there for just about all types of foods, but I think this is the most decadent one! I love cheesecake, but hardly eat it because it is just so rich, calorie laden and high in cholesterol. But I’m guessing that having…READ MORE >>

Exploring the Huawei W1 Windows Phone

Huawei W1 Windows phone

I’ve had an iPhone since they first came out in 2007. Since then I have upgraded a few times and an now on my third iPhone. I really love my phone, but I hear about so many new cell phones coming out and sometimes I wonder if any of these phones can break up my…READ MORE >>

18 Backyard Birthday Party Ideas

18 Backyard Birthday Party Ideas

So, Z.E.N.’s birthday is next month and he has been asking for a birthday party. We didn’t have a party for him last year. Instead, we took him on a little trip to Lancaster, PA which he loved. I usually tend not to have a huge party for him because his birthday falls at the…READ MORE >>

Filtrete Filters – Easy Odor Control For Your Home

Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter

Philip is obsessed with odor control.  He is constantly on the lookout for products that can make our home smell better and create a healthier environment for our family. He also to fry fish.  Needless to say, frying fish tends to leave a lingering odor that takes forever to go away.  With that said, I…READ MORE >>

Easy Way to Earn Box Tops During the Summer

Box Tops For Education Marketplace

During the school year, I know so many moms that are crazy busy with cutting out Box Tops for Education for their child’s school. For each Box Top the school receives 10 cents, which can really add up. The extra money schools earn help to support after school activities, upgrade technology in the classroom, buys…READ MORE >>

12 Refreshing Watermelon Recipes For Summer

12 refreshing Watermelon Recipes

It’s summertime and in our house, that means watermelons! All three of us love, love, love watermelon.  Philip usually just cuts it up and we eat it by the bowfuls.  However, that can get pretty boring!   So, I did some searching to find some different ways to eat it and found quite a few creative…READ MORE >>

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