The Moonwalk New York City: Show Your Support To Fight Breast Cancer


In recent years, breast cancer has become a major cause of concern for women all over the world. According to latest data, it accounts for about 16% of all female cancers in the world. Moreover, women in developing countries are found to be more susceptible to this life-threatening disease. The only way to combat this…

25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

25 father

June is right around the corner so that means that Father’s Day is almost here! I have always struggled when it came to thinking of stuff to do or buy for my dad.  I always wound up buying him stuff like shirts and ties, etc.. I really like receiving handmade items from Z.E.N. and I’m…

Free Up Space on your iPhone – Print Those Photos Today Via the Duane Reade App!


I love being able to take pictures from my smart phone and I’m so happy to have partnered with Collective Bias and Duane Reade to come up with an easy way to print my photos.  Using my phone as a camera is soo convenient and always accessible because I carry my smartphone with me everywhere…

25 Chocolate Chip Treat Ideas

Chocolate Chip Treat Ideas

May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day. As the country gears up to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day, you may wonder about a few things that make this tiny little morsel such an important part of the culture.  Ruth Wakefield is credited with inventing the chocolate chip cookie during the 1930s.  Wakefield was a dietician…

The World’s Largest Bake Sale – Yummy Treats For A Serious Cause


On May 1st, an event like no other in New York history unfolded in Grand Central Terminal and I was happy to be a part of it thanks to Collective Bias, Kmart and Shop Your Way. Kmart and Shop Your Way teamed up with Sandra Lee, celebrity chef and author of books like Comfort Food…

Graffiti Inspired Nail Art Challenge


When Sally Hansen and Collective Bias asked me to partner with them and challenged me to come up with a street look for my nails I jumped at the challenge. I have a pretty big collection of nail polish, but at times I’m lazy when it comes to actually coming up with cute designs for…

How I Nearly Doubled My Twitter Following

Doubled My Twitter Following

I started my first Twitter account (@DianeNassy) back in 2008.  Back then, Twitter was only a few years old and a pretty novel idea.  I signed up because of all the buzz, I really didn’t know how to use the platform and had no idea as to what I was doing on there or what…

Getting Happy, Healthy and Ready for Summer

Duane Reade Happy and Healthy Spring Magazine

I am so excited to have partnered with Duane Reade and Collective Bias to bring you this post about Duane Reade’s new Happy and Healthy Magazine. We had a long cold winter here in the Northeast, but happily, it’s starting to warm up around here.  Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely hate the…

Turn Off The Screens – 25 Activities For Screen Free Week

screen free week

Have you heard of Screen Free Week? Screen Free Week is an annual event where parents are encouraged to turn off all screens including televisions, computers, tablets and video games in order to improve children’s well-being and connect with their families. This year, Screen Free Week will be observed during the week of April 29th….

The New Evian “Baby & Me” Commercial is Funny!

evian baby and me screenshot

There have been millions of television ads produced that have gained popularity and created a spark of sensation across the globe.  One of those commercials is the new Evian baby commercial which is presented by the Evian Natural Spring Water Company.  I came across this commercial while I was watching the news this morning and…