AdvoWire: Where Advertisers and Bloggers Can Make More Money

Are you looking for more ways to increase online sales? Before the explosion of social media, it used to be hard to get the word out there, but there have been so many new innovations that allow you to easily promote products and services via your company blog or website. For instance, new apps and… Read More »


12 Ways To Save Money On Halloween

While Christmas may be the most expensive holiday of the year, for some families, Halloween can follow as a close second. Halloween is the one time of year where both children and parents can dress up in costume, and adorn their house and yard with tons of spooky decorations. For families on a budget, there… Read More »


Earn Cash And Boxtops For Education Through Jingit

Have you heard of Jingit? I just discovered Jingit and I love it. Jingit is basically a program where you perform certain tasks and get paid for it. You earn real cash instantly for viewing ads online or via their smartphone app; “checking in” to your favorites stores; and providing feedback to major brands!  It… Read More »


Moms Can Save Lots of Time and Money With Mygofer

Finding all the supplies on your child’s school supply list can be stressful at times.  On several occasions, I have had to go to more than one store to find all the items on the list.  I hate going from store to store to find a specific item and have often wished that I could… Read More »


How We Refinanced an Underwater Mortgage

When we bought our house eight years ago, we paid top dollar. Unfortunately, over the years, the value of our house declined tremendously due to the mortgage crisis. Our mortgage was underwater. We were hoping that the housing market would bounce back quickly and that the underwater mortgage would resolve itself. However, so much time… Read More »


Save on Prescriptions with the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Even if You’re Insured

Although we are a relatively healthy family, we do have a few prescriptions that we have to fill regularly. For instance, we, along with most of the residents in our town, have a private well and therefore, our water supply does not contain fluoride.  Because of this, Z.E.N. has to take a multivitamin that includes… Read More »

Starting a Small Business

Everyone is looking for ways to make extra money in this tough economy, so it’s no surprise that small businesses and self employment are on the rise. There are pros and cons to starting a small business, but overall if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will do just fine! Starting a small business Start by… Read More »