Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Thanks to Personalization Mall for facilitating this post on Valentine’s day gift ideas for men. Are you on the hunt for some Valentine’s day gift ideas for men?  Philip is really handy in the kitchen so I’ve been thinking about food related gifts. In my opinion, men who love to cook are hard to shop… Read More »

Celebrate Hot tea month with these delicious tea varieties

Celebrate Hot Tea Month With These Delicious Tea Varieties

Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month? It is!  Before I got married, I wasn’t much of a tea drinker.  Philip however drank tea religiously.  Out of curiosity I decided to try some and realized that I liked it.  Since then, I drink tea just about every single day.  There is nothing better… Read More »

Valentine Love Letters Craft

Valentine Love Letters Craft

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I haven’t done any decorating yet whatsoever.  In fact it’s been a while since I’ve done any crafts.  I still have the Valentine heart that I created a few years ago, but it’s time for something new.  The past couple of weeks I’ve been super busy so… Read More »

Plains in Haiti - How to remain connected with Faraway Family Members

How To Remain Connected With Faraway Family Members

Family is very important to us, but sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch with those who are closest to us, especially if you have a multicultural family. Philip was born in South America in a country called Guyana. He emigrated to the United States fifteen years ago.  Although most of his immediate family members… Read More »

Yogurt: The Surprising Food That Can Help You Lose Weight

Yogurt: The Surprising Food That Can Help You Lose Weight

Finding the time to actively lose weight can be difficult, especially if you are a busy parent. I recently blogged about ways to get motivated to work out, but let’s face it, for many people, their daily routines are simply too full to dedicate to personal time, and when they have it, the last thing… Read More »

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Get Motivated to workout

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Get Motivated To Workout

For most busy moms like me, the idea of having an extra 30 minutes a day just for yourself probably seems like a luxury, and getting motivated to workout is probably not a priority. Most moms will agree that even when things slow down, there’s always something waiting to be cleaned, cooked, emailed or attended… Read More »

Important Life Lessons Holiday Movies Can teach us

Important Life Lessons Holiday Movies Can Teach Us

Just last week I mentioned how watching family holiday movies could be a great way to get into the holiday spirit.  There’s just something special about sitting down with the family and watching holiday movies together. While watching some of these movies, I realized that many of them are laden with many wonderful life lessons. … Read More »

Simple easy ways you can give back as a family

Simple, Easy Ways You Can Give Back As A Family This Holiday Season

Most of us consider the holiday season to be one of the most wonderful times of the year where we get to spend time with family and enjoy each other’s company.  At the same time, holidays can be very busy. It is important to find time, as a family, to celebrate the true spirit of… Read More »

Get in the holiday spirit with family holiday movies

Get In The Holiday Spirit With Family Holiday Movies

As soon as the holidays roll around, I always work a few family holiday movie nights into our advent calendar activities list. Having a family movie night is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and bond with those we hold near and dear. Of course, family holiday movies cut across a wide… Read More »

stop procrastinating to kick the procrastination habit

How to Kick the Procrastination Habit

Are you a procrastinator?  I was.  I always seemed to put off stuff for later even when I could get it done right away.  A few months ago, I had an eye-opening experience.  I received an email from a brand about partnering with them on promoting their product.  I saw the email, and instead of… Read More »