Host A White Elephant Ugly Gift Exchange Party


Have you ever been to a white elephant gift exchange party?  I must admit, that while I have participated in many, many holiday gift exchanges and grab bags, I had never participated in the white elephant variety until recently.  Hosting or participating in a white elephant gift exchange holiday party game is one of the most fun things you can do with family, friends and other loved ones this holiday season. This game is based on the simple premise that everyone comes to play with a wrapped gift costing within an agreed dollar amount. The gifts can be varied as long as they stay within the recommended price range. They are placed under the tree and participants take their turns at choosing gifts.

To Keep Or Not To Keep

The fun starts after the first person chooses his or her gift. The second person can choose to steal this gift or choose a brand new one from under the tree. Similarly, the third person following suit can choose one of the gifts that have already been selected/opened or decide to choose a wrapped gift. Watching everyone squabble over $10.00 gifts is only half the fun.

Double The Pleasure

Of course, the kinds of gifts used in the game are what make the game even more fun to play. Ugly gifts, such as ugly Christmas sweaters and ugly socks are perfect.  Check out these ugly items I recently spotted at Target:

Ugly holiday themed flasks at Target

Ugly Christmas sweater at Target

Ugly holiday socks at Target

These are often the gifts that everybody loathes during the holidays. As such, including items like this turns the game into a friendly brawl where everyone is trying to avoid the ugliest or least desirable gifts without knowing which ones they actually are.

In addition to ensuring that ugly gifts are in the bunch, one sure fire way of spicing up the white elephant gift exchange game is to ensure that all gifts remain wrapped until the end of the game. This will raise the stakes when players are deciding whether to steal, keep or fetch anew. Finally, throw in some refreshments and this will be the party game of the year.

Have you ever received an ugly gift?  What was it?

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  1. Vonnie says

    I remember having these parties at work. I always had a hard time finding things to exchange.

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