free national park pass for 4th graders

Free National Park Pass For 4th Graders

Did you know that there are acres upon acres of historic structures, national parks, ancient forests, cultural artifacts and more right here in the United States?  I was aware of this fact, but have to admit that I have only visited a few of these national treasures so far.  Last year Z.E.N. and I took … Read More »

Easy ways to support your child's school

5 Ways To Support Your Child’s School

One of the best ways that you can help your child’s school is by volunteering. Every parent has something to offer, and you’ll feel good as you help out. Even if you have a full-time job and other responsibilities, you can still carve out a little time to give back to your child’s school. Here… Read More »

diy tote bag for girls

Easy DIY Spring Tote Bag For Girls

Spring has finally arrived!  Hooray! One of the things I love about the season is the vibrant color options that Spring has to offer. To celebrate Spring, I decided to make a cute little stenciled canvas tote bag, personalized for a dear little girl we know, who will be celebrating her birthday this weekend.  Supplies… Read More »

Things to Love About Spring

Seven Things I Love About Spring

The coming of spring has always been viewed as a time for rejuvenation. As nature starts its seasonal cycle anew, spring offers us a time for hope and renewal. Here are some of the things I love about spring. The smell of spring Spring is first smelt, not seen or heard. That sweet smell of… Read More »

Winter Themed birthday party ideas

7 Winter Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Winter can be a wonderful time to celebrate a birthday. Not only is it a magical time of the year because of all of the holidays, but because of the local scenery and environmental changes. Consider some of these winter themed birthday party ideas and see how much fun they can be to throw for… Read More »


Swagbucks Is Celebrating Their 6th Birthday!

The 6th birthday celebration of the popular is in full swing. In addition to their current $600 give away for 10 lucky birthday celebration winners, they are also hosting a challenge with six different teams to mark this momentous occasion. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the Swagbucks Birthday Team Challenge happening today,… Read More »


National Geographic’s Photo Contest For Kids

In the last century, National Geographic has showcased the talents of some of the world’s best photographers. Now, they are offering kids a chance to show off their skills with their 6th Annual International Photography Contest for Kids. This photo competition is done in cooperation with the US version of National Geographic Kids, and ten… Read More »


So, What Exactly is BlogHer?

I will be attending the BlogHer ‘12 conference this weekend and I’m really excited, but I don’t really know what to expect.  I’ve seen so much buzz around the event but a lot of that buzz has left me to wonder what BlogHer is really all about. Is it a fashion show? Sounds like one. … Read More »