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ET’s Hanging with the Stars Sweepstakes


  Have you ever dreamed about attending a big Hollywood award ceremony like the Emmy’s?  Well maybe you can!  Entertainment Tonight is running a sweepstakes where you and a friend can attend the ET Emmy Gala Party and mingle with the stars!  The lucky winner will have a chance to walk the red carpet and rub ...

How to Turn Loose Change Into Gift Cards

Coinstar logo

Like many people, we have tons of loose change at home.  We keep our loose change in jars and usually keep dumping change into it until it’s full.  We then bring it in to the bank and deposit the change. This used to be a fun task for us.  One of our local banks used

IHealth HS3 Bluetooth Body Scale Review

iHealth HS3 Bluetooth body scale

Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, so it’s time for me to start getting bikini ready! I’m not overweight, but I have put on a few pounds this winter that I need to get rid of. I have been trying to monitor my weight, but my scale, which I’ve had for almost ten years is not

Z.E.N.’s Looking Cool Thanks to #MyHartstrings

hartstrings grey jeans

When it comes to clothing, my five year-old Z.E.N. has a mind of his own.  He really loves clothes.  His love affair with clothes has caused quite a bit of grief to say the least.  Remember the melt down I talked about last spring, when he wanted to purchase a certain suit?  Well he’s still

Kids Learn To Care With The BK Crown Program

BK Crown Box

Kids learn to care for the planet when they participate in the BK Crown Program. They will learn how they can help support charities that make a difference in many areas, like wildlife, the environment, and education. The program works by donating a penny to designated charities each time a child enters a code from

Extra, Extra, Read The Duane Reader!


I recently visited Duane Reade, which is one of my favorite New York establishments, and spotted this nifty publication near the checkout counter.    Curious, I picked it up because I had never seen it before, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was the Holiday Edition of the Duane Reader, their new store circular.

Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys Play Set – A review

soccer guys

If you have any younger kids that are soccer fans, then the Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set is just the toy you have been looking for. It can even be used to teach the game to your kids. The Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set comes with 30 pieces total so that your kids

Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After an entire night without any food your body needs a healthy and nourishing breakfast to replenish it and give it the energy it needs for the long day ahead. It is crucial that people not minimize the importance of breakfast. Yet in this busy world

Heelys – Awesome Shoes With Wheels

Heelys straight up shoes

Heelys, which are basically shoes with wheels, have been around for quite some time, and I have always secretly wanted to try them out, but they were never offered in adult sizes.  Well, Heelys recently expanded their product line so that adults can join in on the fun.  Funny enough, I received an invitation to

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