6 Tips For Successful Parent Teacher Conferences

Last week, Z.E.N.’s school had the first parent-teacher conferences of the school year. They have them every semester, but I usually only attend the one held after the first marking period ends. This is because I usually get a good idea of how Z.E.N. is doing and can address any issues early on in the… Read More »

Care package ideas for college students

Care Package Ideas for College Students

By now, many college students have already moved into their dorms and are well into the first semester.  They may also have already exhausted some of the supplies they packed along when they headed back to school.  How can parents ensure that their college students always have what they need?  Send them a care package!… Read More »

Back to School Transition

Smart Back To School Transition Tips For Parents

Starting a new school year can be tough. If you want to make the transition easier, try to follow these back to school transition tips for parents. Start Early One of the best ways to make a successful school year transition is to start your  shopping early. Most parents rush to get school supplies just… Read More »

Laughter - one of the keys to a happy marriage

Laughter: One of the keys to a Happy Marriage

“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.” ~Fawn Weaver Laughter is known to soothe tension, reduce stress and can help trigger positive emotions and remove negative feelings of anxiety and fear. I know firsthand that a little humor often goes a long way in making a marriage work…. Read More »

How to be an excellent Sports mom

How To Be An Excellent Sports Mom

I became a sports mom 2 years ago. Z.E.N. started participating in organized sports when he was in kindergarten. At the time, the only sport available to boys his age at his school was track. I asked him if he wanted to try it and he was definitely interested. He liked it a lot and… Read More »

25 Fathers Day gift Ideas

25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June is right around the corner so that means that Father’s Day is almost here! I have always struggled when it came to thinking of stuff to do or buy for my dad.  I always wound up buying him stuff like shirts and ties, etc.. I really like receiving handmade items from Z.E.N. and I’m… Read More »


Decisions To Make Before You Bring Home Baby

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life, and it brings with it many changes in body and lifestyle.  While you certainly don’t need to have all the answers before your baby comes home for the first time, there are some plans to make and decisions to consider that will make the transition easier…. Read More »


Learn How To Motivate Kids

Learning how to motivate kids is a priceless value that often takes time. Children are unique beings, and they are often very stubborn and selfish. This is not true of kids all of the time, but getting kids to do things around the house can be difficult. It seems like parents have to continuously ask… Read More »