Let’s Get This Party Started: A Party Planning Book for the Family

Soleil Moon Frye, the actress best known for starring in the 80s comedy Punky Brewster, is also an author. Her most recent book, “Let’s Get This Party Started,” is a guide about entertaining with your children. The book offers party ideas for decorations, recipes, crafts, and games to make every celebration special. Frye is married… Read More »

Gift Ideas For Young Readers

Gift Ideas For Young Readers

National Geographic is one of the best known names in exploration and discovery. We are big fans of National Geographic and love their books because they are both entertaining and educational. Here are a few that we think will make great gifts for the young explorers on your list. This book from the Wild Tales… Read More »


Gift Ideas For Young Explorers

Do you have curious, young explorers at home?  Well if they are anything like Z.E.N., they will love these gift ideas for young explorers from National Geographic.  I love the fact that these books are not only entertaining, they are educational as well. Animal Poetry Book This holiday gift idea is sure to become a… Read More »


The Happy Hour Effect Virtual Book Tour

A new book by Kristen K. Brown titled The Happy Hour Effect will be available on November 12, 2012 and will show people how to relieve stress. Kristen is now a holistic health counselor. She has been a widowed mother and is a twenty year veteran of corporate America. She has experienced personal loss and… Read More »


Decrease Stress With Lessons From Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff For Moms

The book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms: Simple Ways to Stress Less and Enjoy Your Family More by Kristine Carlson (wife of the late Dr. Richard Carlson) is an excellent resource for busy moms. Too often women feel that they have to be perfect when it comes to being a mother. They think… Read More »


There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold: A Review

Everybody loves a good children’s book. And when we find one that is really amusing, funny, and whimsical, it sticks to us and is something that we don’t easily forget. That is exactly what There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold is.  This creative and unique take on a well-known… Read More »


B is for Book Review – A Review About A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

If Heaven did exist, what would it look like? This is an impossible question to ask without the asker scoffing skeptically at the possible response. I personally believe that there is something bigger than all of us out there (whatever that something is) just because it’s a nice thought to keep, but if someone were… Read More »


Where The Barefoot Executive Delivers And Fails

Carrie Wilkerson’s latest business book, The Barefoot Executive – The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss & Achieving Financial Freedom is getting tons of rave reviews. I heard about Carrie Wilkerson quite some time ago, but I never really took the time to learn what she was all about, and I never purchased any… Read More »


Arthur’s Underwear by Marc Brown: A Review

  Children’s books are meant to entertain children, aside from teaching them how to read, understand sentences, recognize pictures, and hone their imaginations. However, children’s books do have another purpose, and that is to help kids experience different sorts of emotions and situations by “travelling” through them in books. Arthur’s Underwear by Marc Brown is… Read More »


There’s Something in my Attic by Mercer Mayer: A Review

It is always great when children’s books tackle different issues and teach kids new things. One of the great children’s book story themes are those that revolve around overcoming certain fears. There’s Something in My Attic by Mercer Mayer is one such story that carries with it lessons of courage and facing your fears, and… Read More »