Sports Safety Tips For Kids

Last year Z.E.N. joined the basketball team at school.  At the first practice, the school’s athletic director emphasized that basketball was a contact sport and that injuries could occur.  That was not something that I wanted to hear! Luckily, he and his teammates all had a successful season with no injuries.

A Boy and His Basketball

Z.E.N. loved the game so much that we decided to send him to basketball camp over the summer. Camp started the first week of July. He was so excited and met up with a few students from his school at camp.  The day before camp was supposed to end, we dropped him off as normal.  About twenty minutes later we received a call from the coach.  Z.E.N. had taken a fall and hurt his wrist.  He asked us to come back to the camp to pick him up.  When we arrived, Z.E.N. was clearly in pain, to the point where he wouldn’t allow us to even touch his wrist.  At that point I knew something was wrong.  I called his doctor as soon as we arrived home, explained the situation and asked where I should take him.  She recommended a pediatric orthopedist that was not too far away and we rushed him there.  The orthopedist took x-rays and confirmed that Z.E.N.’s wrist had been broken. He wound up having to wear a hard cast for 4 weeks followed by a brace which also had to be worn for 4 weeks.  His summer was pretty much over at that point.

sporting a neon green cast

While injuries are part of normal play, it is important to take precautionary measures to keep our little athletes safe. Taking a couple of precautions go a long way in reducing the likelihood of dangerous accidents.  Every parent or guardian should at least know a few sports safety tips for kids.

Wearing the right gear

Basketball is a fast paced game that is associated with a number of risks of injury to the foot, ankle and knee. Basketball players are also at risk of stress fractures in the foot and lower leg as well as jammed fingers. Several strategies can help reduce the risk of such injuries.

Choose basketball shoes that offer support and fit snugly. Basketball shoes with good ankle support can greatly reduce the incidence of ankle sprains. You can can also use a mouth guard to protect the mouth and teeth. Also, protective elbow and knee pads can help to protect one from bruises and abrasions.

You should also make sure that your kids are not only wearing the right gear but also that they properly fit. Having the right safety equipment is key to ensuring the kids are safe during playtime.

Follow the rules and pay attention

It is important to teach your kids how to follow the rules. Embrace a culture of discipline and sportsmanship among them to keep them safe. A game without rules can turn out to be very dangerous. Nonetheless, you should pay attention whenever your kids are playing. Watch out for an injuries and potential causes for problems.

Consider supplemental insurance

Accidents are unavoidable and you want to have the right coverage to cover your treatment in the event of one. We had insurance, but because we were in such a rush to get Z.E.N. treated right away, I forgot to check to see if the pediatric orthopedist was an in network doctor. She wasn’t. Because of this we had a lot of out of pocket expenses.  Check out several supplemental insurance plans and look for a reliable one that can help cover those surprise expenses.

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