Greek Yogurt Taste-Off: Yoplait Vs. Chobani

If you are looking for the best Greek yogurt, do yourself a favor and try the Yoplait Greek 100 Taste-Off. This taste-off pits Yoplait vs. Chobani to see which brand people truly prefer. In the nationwide taste test, participants tried Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry alongside strawberry Chobani Greek Simply 100 yogurt. After trying both brands, 4 out of 5 of taste-off participants favored the taste of Yoplait.


Chobani has been my all time favorite Greek yogurt. I used to have one every single morning for breakfast. I always thought it was a little tart, but I really had nothing to compare it to. I recently learned though that a lot of people have complained about Chobani. In fact, Yoplait actually launched its Greek 100 line in response to this dissatisfaction with the taste of existing brands’ yogurt. I was surprised by this and was eager to participate in the Yoplait Greek 100 Taste-Off. I wasn’t expecting much, but I could immediately taste the difference. I thought the Yoplait was a tad bit sweeter and creamier than the Chobani version. I couldn’t believe that another brand had knocked my beloved Chobani off of its pedestal!

I asked Philip to also take the challenge to see which one he would choose. I placed both yogurts in identical glass bowls and had him taste each one. He also chose Yoplait! See the videos below.

Yoplait’s Greek 100 yogurt tastes great while maintaining all of the health benefits of other Greek yogurts. Each 5.3 ounce serving has 100 percent more protein than the same portion size of non-Greek yogurt. And if you aren’t a fan of blueberries, you’re in luck. Yoplait also carries their Greek 100 yogurt in strawberry, raspberry, cherry, vanilla, tangerine, pineapple and coconut. If you are a longtime Chobani fan like I was, or even someone who has never tried Greek yogurt, consider taking part in this taste test! After you try both brands, share your favorite on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #TasteOff. You can also visit to share your results and see what others think.

I want to thank Yoplait for sponsoring this #Tasteoff, and giving me the opportunity to openly express my honest opinion.

Are you a fan of Greek Yogurt?  Which one is your favorite?

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