Important Life Lessons Holiday Movies Can Teach Us

Important Life Lessons Holiday Movies Just last week I mentioned how watching family holiday movies could be a great way to get into the holiday spirit.  There’s just something special about sitting down with the family and watching holiday movies together. While watching some of these movies, I realized that many of them are laden with many wonderful life lessons.  These are just some of the life lessons I saw while watching the movies.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
While the Grinch sang songs filled with resentment aimed at Whoville, the residents of that Christmas-loving town, the Whos, sang loud and proud with joy. In the midst of the greatest Christmas gift heist in history the Grinch had an aha moment and realized that Christmas was more than just material items.  The Whos were still happy even though they were left with nothing.  The Grinch realized that Christmas was all about being with the ones we love. This realization moved the Grinch so much that his heart, which was previously two sizes too small, grew three sizes that day. In the end, the Grinch makes it up to the Whos by bringing all their toys, and holiday trappings back to them. 

A Christmas Carol
This Christmas classic focuses clearly on the ugly effects of greed on the human soul, and how important it is to realize that people are worth far more than money. It also teaches us that money can’t buy happiness.  Ebenezer Scrooge was a very rich man, but at the end of the day, he was pretty lonely and miserable.  After reflecting on his life, he realizes that he needs to change his ways. This movie motivates us to consider the way we treat others and sends the message that it is never too late to change.

It’s a Wonderful Life
A discouraged George Bailey comes to the conclusion that the world would have been better off if he’d never been born and contemplates suicide. He is however given a rare opportunity. He gets to see what life would have been like had he never been born. An angel earning his wings is his tour guide, and by the end of the film we begin to understand just how much one person’s life can have a profound effect on the lives of others.  The takeaway from this movie is that we should always count our blessings and live life to the fullest.

Which lesson do you connect most with? Do you have a lesson you would like to add?

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